Services at a glance


regular services is a global consulting company for quality management, approval and training for medical device manufacturers.

We have divided our Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management services into four specialized categories:

  • Knowledge Transfer
    Knowledge transfer means that we bundle specialized knowledge in a comprehensible way. The transfer of knowledge is achieved through consulting, coaching, seminars, workshops or Edu-Casts (training videos) on all topics related to Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management. Graphics, overviews and feature publications complete the Knowledge Transfer.
  • Outsourcing
    The accelerated approval of your medical device in your selected target markets provides not only for a competitive advantage but is also a guarantee for growth and profit. Outsourcing means we can relieve your organization of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management and Project Management responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.
  • Tools
    What do I have to document in order to meet regulatory requirements? This question concerns all medical device manufacturers. We have developed a variety of tools in the form of templates, forms or pre-populated templates, which serve as proof of compliance with regulations, standards or guidelines.
  • Compliance Updates
    Use our update service and stay compliant with regulatory requirements. You can either purchase the latest version or use our update service. The update service informs you of changes to regulatory requirements at regular intervals ensuring that you always stay compliant. We offer compliance updates as quality management system updates, regulatory updates and vigilance updates.